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Pixeldrip Print. We designed the logo, the website, and the peripheral print materials for direct mail and flyers. You can see the site here and order printing if you’re so inclined printpixeldrip.com . It’s mobile optimized so you can order from your phone, but looks best on a laptop or desktop. It’s linked to facebook and twitter so you can like and retweet us for all of your friends to see (social integration), and it’s search engine optimized, so google can easily find them when someone enters a search query for “full color printing” or “club flyers”, etc. The website can facilitate orders, providing instant quotes and processing credit cards, cutting way down on the amount of customer service we have to provide by phone. It even emails receipts.

click on the word “futuristic” at the top left of the screen to return to the list of our projects.

Nate Walke is an artist and the founder of Futuristic.
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